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No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~ Winston Churchill

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The Riding Academy

Our Riding Academy is the basis of our program. Whether for fun or competition it is our goal to ensure that our academy program is safe and specialized to meet each rider's goals and desires.


Types of lessons and fees:

Boarders receive lesson discounts - all boarders lessons are $35 per lesson.

Beginner Private Lessons       $50

The beginner program at VLRA is structured to provide close interaction between instructor and student. Beginner riders learn to handle, groom, tack and untack the horse / pony. Lessons are generally taught in the round pen and riding aisle way. Riders ride for 40 minutes and groom and tack and cool down and groom 20 minutes. To move out of Beginner - students must master fundamental balance and form and the walk and trot and be able to halt. Students should be able to drop and pick up stirrups, handle their mounts confidently on the ground and in the saddle.

Intermediate Private Lessons     $50

The Intermediate program transitions beginner riders from the small comfort of the round pen to the riding ring. Students learn to maneuver around larger areas and use their bodies to communicate with their mount as well as refine proper equitation, including diagonals, reversing, steering exercises, basic pattern work, line up and backing. Students are responsible for grooming, tacking, untacking and cooling out their mount.

To advance out of Intermediate, students need to demonstrate competency, confidence and consistency as a rider. Use of the leg, hands, and proper seat are required and mastered as well as maneuvering safely around others and correct steering.

Advanced Private Lessons    $50

Riders progress to more challenging skills, including cantering, showing, equitation patterns and developing into competitive riders as well as learning to ride the horse to perform to its best ability.

Lesson Packages:

After initial enrollment you may purchase a lesson month package of 4 lessons for $180  or 2 month package which includes an additional FREE lesson for $360. Lessons will no longer be paid per lesson unless it is an additional or extra lesson being scheduled. A (1) time lesson is $50.


Semi Private Lessons   $45

These lessons are for no more than 4 students of equal skill level. The purpose of these lessons are to help riders learn to ride with other horses in the ring. Maneuvering safely and maintaining consistency in seat and position. These are recommended for students who are interested in showing and have been enrolled in the riding program for sometime.

Lesson Enrollment:


 (1) Students are required to enroll in a minimum of four regularly scheduled lessons per month. This structure enables riders to progress in skill and the barn to budget successfully to meet financial obligations.

 (2) A deposit equal to one month's lesson fees is required and will be applied to your first month's lessons.

 (3) All students and guardians must sign a release form.



Lessons are by appointment only.

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your lesson.

Late cancellations or " No shows" will be billed just as if you had taken your lesson.

Make up lessons are available.


Weather Cancellations

 Occasionally, it is necessary to cancel lessons due to inclement weather. If the barn decides that it is unsafe to ride there will be an outgoing message on the barn answering machine as well as our fb page. If you call the barn and the message is not changed, lessons will be held accordingly. Sometimes unexpected storms will pop up and last minute cancellations are required. Please remember that a make up lesson will be scheduled in this event.


 No cash refunds will be given; however if you have a prepaid lesson balance, this may be carried for up to 2 months, allowing you to return to the lesson program when your situation permits.

Barn Etiquette:

Please be on time. Please help clean up after your lesson. Place your helmet, groom box and tack back in it's appropriate location. Throw all trash away and help recycle by placing your recyclables in the recycle trash bin. Parents, please allow us to teach your child. You are welcome to watch but please do so and allow us to teach. Our instructors will be happy to talk with you after the lesson if time permits or we can schedule a conference at a more convenient time. We value you as a customer and appreciate your business.  

If you purchase your lessons through PayPal, please call to schedule your appointment time.

*There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks*